Brunch Menu


We are offering a special menu for limited curbside pickup and are considering potential delivery in the surrounding neighborhoods. Effective immediately, call your order in, drive up, and we will bring it to your car.

We also have wonderful food items from Rock’s Market available including our weekly family style special. These are meals to feed two or four that you take home and warm up.

Start your Sunday off right with the best brunch in Virginia Beach! From 10:00am to 3:00pm visit Rockafeller’s for brunch and enjoy menu favorites such as our eggs Benedict, shrimp and grits, French toast and more. Try any one of our brunch drink specials and order a Mimosa or a spicy Bloody Mary to complement your meal.

    • Brunch Specialties

    • Fried Egg BLT

      Fried Egg BLT


      Farm-raised fried egg with lettuce, tomato, applewood-smoked bacon and a roasted jalapeño aioli on grilled sourdough bread. Served with homemade Parmesan-roasted potatoes.

    • Shrimp & Grits Bowl

      Shrimp & Grits Bowl


      Sautéed blackened shrimp in a peperonata butter sauce served over jalapeño cheddar grits.

    • Ultimate Brunch Skillet


      Parmesan-roasted potatoes, sausage, and scrambled eggs. Topped with hollandaise sauce and served in a cast iron skillet.

    • Avocado Toast & Egg

      Avocado Toast & Egg


      Aleppo pepper & pico avocado salad, drizzled with a chili-infused honey and sprinkled with our made-from-scratch farmer’s cheese, atop a sunny-side up egg on sourdough toast. Served with homemade Parmesan-roasted potatoes.

    • French Toast


      Thickly sliced French bread, soaked in an amaretto and vanilla infused batter, and served with applewood-smoked bacon.

    • Rock’s Salmon Supreme Flatbread

      Rock’s Salmon Supreme Flatbread


      Made-from-scratch, yeast-free garlic flatbread topped with salmon, spinach, applewood-smoked bacon, our house-roasted jalapeño aioli and fresh tomatoes, garnished with Feta cheese.

    • Breakfast Combo

      Choose 3 - 7.99

      Create your own classic breakfast from the items listed below:
      Two Eggs or Egg Whites • Grits • Parmesan-Roasted Potatoes
      Applewood-Smoked Bacon • Local Edwards Surry Sausage
      Choose 4   9.99

    • Eggs Benedict

      Local Favorite served with homemade tri-colored potatoes and onions, and broccoli with hollandaise sauce.

    • Classic Eggs Benedict


      Toasted English muffins, Canadian-style bacon, and poached eggs topped with a heavenly drizzle of our homemade hollandaise sauce. The best eggs Benedict in the world!

    • Classic with Crabmeat


      How do you improve upon perfection? Add lump crabmeat, of course.

    • Omelets

      Served with homemade tri-colored potatoes and onions. Egg white omelets are available for an additional 1.99. Add a side of applewood-smoked bacon for just 2.99

    • Rockafeller’s Omelet

      Rockafeller’s Omelet


      Our fluffy omelet filled with scallops, shrimp, tomatoes and scallions, topped with our homemade hollandaise sauce.

    • Egg White Delight Omelet


      Fluffy egg white omelet filled with applewood-smoked bacon, baby spinach, homemade pico and Havarti cheese. Served with homemade Parmesan-roasted potatoes. Available as a vegetarian option.

    • Garden Veggie Omlet


      Three-egg omelet filled with fresh sautéed onions, tri-colored peppers, spinach, tomatoes, and Havarti cheese. Served with homemade Parmesan-roasted potatoes.

    • Kids’ Brunch

      Ages 10 and under, please!

    • Scrambled Eggs or French Toast


      Served with a slice of applewood-smoked bacon.

    • Beverages

    • Rockafeller’s Homemade Blueberry Soda


      A healthful alternative to regular soda - made with real blueberries & honey, served over ice and topped with fresh blueberries!

    • Tazo Herbal Teas

    • Perrier

    • Freshly Brewed Coffee or Iced Tea

    • Soft Drinks (Free Refills)