Terms & Conditions

To ensure that we can provide your group with the highest quality service and food, some prior planning is required. Please review our banquet terms and conditions outlined below for hosting an event at Rockafeller’s. We look forward to working with you!


All menu prices are subject to change. However, once selections have been chosen, we will confirm pricing for those selections as long as the advance-booking period for the function does not exceed 6 months.

Set Up Fees & Minimum Number of People Required

A base room fee will apply and may vary according to the conditions and requirements of each function. Depending on the season, day of the week and time of day, there are minimum number of persons and food expenditures required. These will be quoted on an individual basis. Additional fees such as carver or bartender fees may be applicable.


A guaranteed number of guests are required 4 working days (96 hours) prior to the function. This number will become the guarantee and the client will be charged accordingly. Increases to this number must be approved by the management prior to the function.

Payment of Charges

The deposit amount is due following the submission of a signed contractual agreement. Additional deposits may be required prior to the event. Your deposit amount will be credited to your final total at the close of the event. Final payment must be paid by credit card or cash. Please note we are unable to accept checks (business or personal) at the close of your event.

Food and Beverage

All food and beverage items served in Rockafeller’s must be provided by the restaurant. All food and beverage items are subject to a 22% service charge, and state and local tax.


Rockafeller’s will not assume responsibility for the damage or loss of articles left in the restaurant prior to or following the function.

Function Timing

Functions must begin and end promptly at the scheduled times. Failure to comply may result in additional charges.