Banquet FAQ

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So that your event is a complete success, we have included some of our banquet guests most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is the minimum number of guests to book the banquet facilities?

There is a 35 person minimum to book the banquet facilities.

What are your decorations? Can additional decorations be added for an event?

For banquet events the tables are set with white tablecloths, blue fan-folded napkins, place settings for each guest with water goblets, beach-themed glass centerpieces placed on top of mirrored glass chargers, and glass votive candles holders (candles apply specifically to evening events). Additional decorations may be added by the host to the facilities in advance of an event start time. However, the earliest the host or the host’s representative may arrive to place the additional decorations is 2 hours prior to the event start time. Rockafeller’s does not assume any liability for additional decorations added to the banquet facilities. Banquet service staff members will not place or remove any items that are not owned by Rockafeller’s.

What are Fees associated with booking the banquet facilities?

The required fees for banquet services are as follows:

  • Room Fee- Variable amount dependent on peak/off-peak dates and reservation size requiring use of full facilities
  • Beverage/Bar Set-Up Fee- $35.00
  • Deposit- $500.00 and up, depending on event size and specifications
  • Minimum Food Cost- Variable, depending on size of event and type of food service
  • Service Charge- 22% of Food and Beverage Costs before tax
  • Tax- 11.5% (including State of VA & Food Tax amounts)
Can an outside cake be brought in for an event?

Yes, the host may bring in a cake from an outside provider.

What is the Food Cost Minimum for banquet events?

The Food Cost Minimum will be calculated based on the number of guests and your preferred type of food service (i.e. 2 Choice Buffet, 3 Choice Buffet, etc.). The amount will be stipulated in the Rockafeller’s contractual agreement.

Will Rockafeller’s staff store and set-up an outside cake?

Rockafeller’s does not have the capacity to store an event cake, and will not set up a cake provided by an outside vendor. The host’s cake provider will have access to the space to drop off/set-up an outside cake no earlier than 2 hours prior to an event start time.

How do I book the space for an event?

In order to secure a banquet reservation the financially responsible party/host must enter into a contractual agreement with Rockafeller’s. Following submission of a signed contractual agreement submission of the stipulated event deposit amount will complete the booking process.

Will the banquet staff serve an event cake to the guests?

Yes, but additional service fees may apply.